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Application field of steel sheet pile
Author: Anshan Zizhu Heavy Steel Co.  Time:2016-07-14  Browsing times :3283
1 hydraulic engineering - port
(1) pier wall
(2) construction of docks and yards
(3), pier pile, (wharf) mooring post
(4) radar range finder
(5) the sinking of the railway, the reservation of ground water
(6) tunnel
2 transport routes for buildings, roads and railways
(1), maintenance of wall, retaining wall
(2), isolated noise wall
(3), bridge
(4), slope, slope road
3 waterways
(1) maintenance of waterways
(2), wall
(3), the consolidation of roadbed and embankment
(4) parking equipment
(5) to prevent erosion
4 Civil Engineering
(1) excavation of foundation
(2), subgrade
(3) ditches
(4), underground parking lot
(5) building
5 control of pollution in water conservancy projects - places where pollution is polluted
(1), (River) locks, locks
(2), weir, dam
(3), bridge
(4) culvert (such as roads, railways, etc.)
(5) security door
(6) the noise reduction of flood control embankment
(7) bridge column, pier isolation noise wall
(8) the chemical composition and mechanical properties of six, entrance and exit, cold formed steel sheet pile
6 fill the fence
(1), a vertical sealing fence
(2) excavation for the replacement of soil
(3) and a water tank enclosure
(4) the protection of the top of the slope underground cable Road

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